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October 21 - 22, 2017


NEXT Sunday, October 29th we will celebrate Priesthood Sunday, a day set aside to celebrate the importance of the gift of priesthood in the life of the Church and for us to reflect on the ministry that our priests share with us - when we gather at the Table of the Lord, and when we call on them in our times of need. Consider sharing a personal note or a card of thanks with them. We pray that our young people will be inspired by the ministry and witness of our priests and that their hearts be open to hearing and responding to Godís call. For more information on the priesthood see:


October is traditionally known as the month of the Rosary. We remind everyone that every weekday morning we pray the Rosary in Church at 7:00am. We invite you to join in this devotion. For more information about the Rosary, see Father Bacevice.


This year we will elect 4 members to the Pastoral Council. Volunteer! Application forms are available in the Book Room and will be accepted until October 29th. We invite you to seriously consider serving on this important council in our Parish.


Thursday, November 2nd, is the Feast of All Souls, the day we remember our dead. The three traditional All Souls Day Masses will be offered at 7:30am (Engl.), 12:00 noon (Engl.) and 7:00pm (Lith.). Following the evening Mass we will have the traditional Lithuanian All Souls procession and prayers for the dead. We invite the families who have lost a loved one since last November 2nd, to participate in the commemoration. An All Souls Day envelope is included with the offering envelopes with space to include the names of the dead you want to be remembered in the Masses.

     In addition, All Souls Day candles will be available at the Rectory which can be inscribed with the name of the deceased you want remembered. These candles will burn for 5 days beginning on November 2nd. The donation for each All Souls Day candle is $5. We invite everyone to participate in this commemoration.


On next Pancake Breakfast will be on Sunday, November 12th, in our Lower Hall after all the Masses (8:30am to1:30pm).We invite everyone to come down and enjoy the best pancakes in the area. Beginning next weekend, tickets will be available at the main entrance to the Church after the English Masses, in the Lower Hall after the 10:00 Mass, and at the Rectory during office hours. Adult tickets are $7 and children 6 - 13 are $4 at the door. Save $1 by purchasing your tickets in advance.


We recently upgraded our Facebook page and will regularly update it with news of the parish and pictures of our events. If you havenít visited the page in a while, we invite you to do so, and sign up to follow us.

  During the past few weeks we have had a few incidents occur in the Church that serve as a reminder that we have to be vigilant and pro-active dealing with situations. 

     Twice in the past few months and mentally ill man came into the Church during the Saturday evening Mass crying loudly and making a commotion, frightening our older members, especially those who were sitting in the handicapped section in the front of the Church. Then at our October evening adoration, another man - homeless and with mental heal th problems - came into the church frightening those few who were there.

     When incidents like this happen, there is really nothing that the priest celebrant can do, as he canít leave the altar after the Offertory of the Mass has begun. So if someone looks threatening, those having a cell phone should immediately call 911 and ask for the police, explaining that there is a disturbance in Church. The ushers are to stay vigilant to address this issue, and try to safely remove the individual from the Church. The goal is to remove the individual from the church building without harming that person or anyone inside the church.

     If you are in church during adoration and someone comes into the church who frightens you, leave immediately and ring the door bell at the rectory. If you have a cell phone, call 911 and report a disturbance in the Church.

     Because of these incidents, we are cutting back the hours for Eucharistic adoration in the church on the second Wednesday of the month to 6-7pm. We are asking for extra police surveillance during Mass times and are looking at upgrading the security system in the Church.

     We want to be an open and welcoming community where everyone can feel safe for worship and prayer. If we all keep watch over each other, then everyone who comes into the Church can be safe. We can also work together with the civil authorities to see that those who need mental health help receive it and those who act with criminal intent are dealt with through our legal system.

God Bless!   Fr. Joe Bacevice


We ask you to remember in your prayers the soul of Vera Veil who died last week and was buried from our parish. May she have eternal rest in the peace of Godís kingdom.


Next Sunday is World Mission Sunday, that day all of us are asked to support the missionary efforts of the Church throughout the world. We do this by praying for the success of our missionaries and by contributing to support their work. We invite you to participate in this effort by donating to the Mission Sunday appeal. Please use the envelopes provided for this appeal next weekend.


OCTOBER 21 - 22, 2017

NEXT WEEKEND - OCTOBER 28 - 29, 2017

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