Saint Casimir Parish  


June 19 - 20, 2021

      HAPPY FATHERS DAY: This Sunday we honor our fathers.  In his exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” (The Joy of Love), Pope Francis writes beautifully about the role of the father in a family. “God sets the father in the family so that by the gifts of his masculinity he can be close to his wife and share everything, joy and sorrow, hope and hardship.  And to be close to his children as they grow – when they play and when they work, when they are carefree and when they are distressed, when they are talkative and when they are silent, when they are daring and when they are afraid, whey they stray and when they get back on the right path.  To be a father is to be always present.  When I say ‘present’, I do not mean ‘controlling.’  Fathers who are too controlling overshadow their children, they don’t let them develop.  Some fathers feel they are useless and unnecessary, but the fact is that children need to find a father waiting for them when they return home with their problems.  They may try hard not to admit it, not to show it, but they need it.  It is not good for children to lack a father and grow up before they are ready.” (177) Happy Fathers Day!

God Bless You!  Fr. Joe Bacevic


We ask you to remember in your prayers the soul of Father Dominic Mondzelewski, OSB, who recently died.  May he and all our priests and deacons live forever in the blessedness of heaven. 


Next weekend we will be accepting offerings for the Holy Father.  This is known as the “Peter’s Pence” collection, which supports the structure of the Holy See through which the Pope governs the Church as well as his charitable efforts to assist the victims of war, oppression, natural disasters and others most in need, Please be generous.  For more information, visit:


Over the past few weeks, we’ve received tons of e-mails asking for the details surrounding The FEST 2021. Today, we are thrilled to announce that The FEST has a new home for 2021. We are taking the show ‘on the road’ to the 160-acre campus of Brookside Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. It’s a beautiful park that will allow us to continue all the great things you’ve learned to enjoy at The FEST. It’s very accessible to the entire region, right off of I-480 and I-71.  In addition to our new location comes a reality of our time – tickets. In order to ensure that we can keep everyone safe and comfortable, The FEST 2021 will be a hybrid event – meaning 15,000 people can join us in-person, while the rest of the world can join us, for the same great music and prayer, from the comfort of their home. In order for us to control the crowd, we are asking everyone to purchase a ticket to The FEST. We want to make sure that we can accommodate as many as possible for this great day of faith, family, and fun. Tickets will be available for $10 a person. On FEST day, you will be able to use your ticket for both admittance to the grounds AND receive a very special FEST Day Kit, courtesy of our friends at Marc’s.  The same great team is putting together an inspiring day for you, your family, and friends. It will be so good for us to come together for The FEST 2021! We will walk–together–into a bright and hopeful future!  For more information and tickets, go to: .


Every weekday, Monday through Friday, we celebrate Mass at 7:30 am.  Before Mass, around 7:00 am, we pray the Rosary.  You are invited to join fellow parishioners and friends for these daily prayers.  Come to either or both.  It is a beautiful way to start your day. 


At last week’s Pastoral Council meeting, the council determined that our Fall Clambake/Raffle will not be possible this year.  The planning for this event normally takes 7 or 8 months.  However, this year we will have our Fall Raffle following the format we had last year.  The drawing will take place at the end of October and tickets will be available in late July.  Council members will be having a special meeting at the beginning of July to discuss some new parish social events.  If anyone has ideas to suggest to the Council, please feel free to contact any member of the Parish Council.



THIS WEEKEND -  June 19 - 20

NEXT WEEKEND - June 26 - 27

Sat. 8:30pm Sun. 8:30am Sat. 5:00pm Sun. 8:30am



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