Saint Casimir Parish  


February 22 - 23, 2020


     One of the things all of us can be most proud of in our parish is the quality and the variety of our liturgical music program. We are fortunate to have a classically trained director of music and organist. She directs our Lithuanian singers and works with a soloist for our 5:00 Mass. The only thing missing is the congregation joining in singing at Mass.
     There are indeed some who really make an effort to participate at Mass by singing, but so many more do not. For many, there is a good reason. Up to about 50 years ago, people just went to church on Sunday to “hear Mass,” because the priest just “held Mass.” It was only with the Second Vatican Council that we were invited to “participate” at the “celebration” of Mass. So many of us kept up with the idea of going to Church to “hear Mass” up to the present day, which is why for the most part our 8:30am Mass is without music.
     For many people, music at Mass is just to listen to and many feel they don’t want to ruin the music with their voices.  I could probably write pages of excuses why we don’t want to participate by either singing or reciting the people’s parts of the Mass. Rather than do that, I simply want to offer everyone a challenge. Let us all participate at Mass by singing and reciting the congregation’s parts of the Mass. Hymns are announced at all our sung Masses and we provide English language Missalettes with all the music and recited parts of the Mass. In Lithuanian, we also provide Missalettes with all the recited parts of the Mass and  Lithuanian hymnals and Scripture reading sheets available weekend. 
     I believe that by participating more fully at Mass, all of us will experience a more meaningful celebration of the central act of our Catholic Faith.

God Bless! Fr. Joe Bacevice


Remember in your prayers Thomas Blaszczak, Rev. James Beatty, Rev. Thomas Pajk, Fr. Ronald Tomicky, and Deacon Robert Piskach. May they have eternal rest in the peace of God’s kingdom.


The season of Lent begins on Wednesday, February 26th, Ash Wednesday. Ashes will be distributed at the Masses which will be celebrated at 7:30am in English and a bi-lingual Mass at 7:00pm. At the entrances to the Church there is a brochure which contains the spiritual opportunities available at our Parish and in Collinwood during this season, along with the dietary regulations regarding fasting and abstaining from meat. We invite you to make use of the opportunities provided for your own spiritual growth.


We will pray the stations of the cross each Friday at 7:00pm. This Friday, the stations will be led by the Pastoral Council. All are invited to participate in this traditional Lenten devotion. Bi-lingual statio


On Monday, March 16th, we will be hosting all the parishes in Collinwood for our Lenten Cluster Mass. After Mass, everyone is invited to our Upper Hall (gym) for food and fellowship. We need volunteers to bake, set up and clean up. Those willing to help out are asked to sign up at the main entrance to the church or contact Ingrid Civinskas at: or call 440-838-0652.


The annual collection to support the Black and Indian Missions takes place next weekend. This is the oldest designated collection in the United States. We ask everyone to be generous in supporting this important work of the Catholic Church.


Jesus challenges us to be generous in our love. Keeping score, getting even, holding grudges, being resistant, and hating enemies are not routes to holiness and a fulfilling life. Draw on God’s limitless love for you to go the extra mile, seek the great good, love your enemies and see what miracles God can work in your life. You cannot out give God.


     Beginning October 1, 2019, the parish began accepting online donations either by credit card of direct withdrawal from bank accounts. Since we began this, we have received over $8,000 from online giving.

     There are many benefits to making your donations online for both the donor and the parish. For the donor it is convenient to donate any time from any place through the internet, it is secure and confidential as we adhere to banking security standards, it is flexible, as donors can start, stop or change contributions at any time, and it is simple, as there is no need to contact your bank or our office. For the parish, it stabilizes our weekly income so it is not affected as much by bad weather or vacations, it is secure and confidential, and it is an effective tool for parishioners who prefer using electronic services.

     Just go to our website:  click on the online donation button, and follow the prompts. Give it a try. It’s a simple, safe and convenient way to support your parish.


St. George Post 613 of the Catholic War Veterans is having a Reverse Raffle on Saturday, March 14th, at the Lithuanian Club. Tickets cost $55, with a $2,000 Main Board prize. The ticket includes dinner, open bar, and entertainment by Blues DeVille. Only 100 tickets will be sold.  For tickets, contact John Milikas, Jr at 216-407-0971.


Our next pancake breakfast will take place on Sunday, March 1, beginning after the 8:30am Mass until 1:00pm. Tickets are $7 and children under 10 are free. Save $1 by purchasing your tickets early. They are now on sale after the weekend Masses at the main entrance to the Church. All are encouraged to support this parish fund-raiser and enjoy the best pancakes in Collinwood.


THIS WEEKEND -   February  22 - 23

NEXT WEEKEND - February 29 - March 1

Sat. 5:00pm Sun. 8:30am Sat. 5:00pm Sun. 8:30am


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