Saint Casimir Parish  


December 7 - 8, 2019 m.


     Probably the most underused Sacrament in our Church is the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the act of Going to Confession. It’s no wonder, because one of the most difficult things for us to do as human beings is to confront and admit to our own sinfulness. It is too easy for us to deny we ever sin, or we minimize the effects of our sinfulness to the point that we don’t ever see the need to receive this sacrament. We also like to make excuses for ourselves on why we don’t approach this sacrament.

     Whatever the reason is that keeps us away from this sacrament, by doing so, we are missing out on the special relationship we can have with Our Lord that we receive in this sacrament. When we commit sin, either by commission or omission, there are three effects. First, sin always offends God and as a result we weaken our relationship with Him. Second, sin always weakens us spiritually, and serious sin breaks our relationship with God. Finally, sin is offensive to the Christian Community, as we are called by our Baptism to holiness. 

     The Sacrament of Reconciliation remedies all three of these effects. Though we can always ask for God’s forgiveness sincerely, and God does forgive. However, the Sacrament of Reconciliation first strengthens our relationship with God. Then it strengthens us spiritually, giving us the strength to avoid sin in the future. Finally, it restores our relationship with the Christian Community through the action of the priest who represents both Jesus and the Community.

     It takes a great act of humility to go to Confession and receive this Sacrament, but the effects of this Sacrament are so great, that it is truly worth the effort. I invite all of you to make use of this sacrament as part of your preparation for the celebration of our Lord’s birth which we celebrate on Christmas day.   


God Bless! Fr. Joe Bacevice


Next weekend, December 7-8, we will accept donations for the Retirement Fund for Religious. Money collected is distributed in our own diocese as well as across the country to assist our retired religious Sisters, Brothers, and Priests with their needs in retirement. Our religious men and women have dedicated their lives in service to the Church by teaching in our schools, working in hospitals, orphanages, and so many other places that have touched all our lives. They now ask our support to help them provide for them in retirement. Please us the envelopes in your envelope packets marked „Retirement Fund for Religious.“ LET US CARE FOR OUR RELIGIOUS and PLEASE BE GENEROUS!



     On Monday, December 16th, at 7:00pm, our parish will host the Cluster Penance Service, with at least 5 confessors. All are invited to participate in these Advent programs.


On Wednesday, December 11th, we will have our Wednesday Holy Hour from 6 to 7pm. During this busy season of preparation for Christmas, all are invited to stop in the Church for some quiet time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.


Wednesday, December 25th, is Christmas Day. Masses for Christmas will be celebrated on Tuesday, December 24th, at 4:00pm for children and families (Engl.), and 10:30pm (Lith.) preceded by choral music at 10:00pm. Masses on Christmas Day will be celebrated at 8:30am and 11:00am, both in English


Our Holy Name Society is again sponsoring a Giving Tree to assist families in our own Parish and neighborhood who are in need of “a little help” at Christmas. This year, the items on the ornaments are various gift and food cards. Simply choose what ornaments you want, purchase the gift cards, and return them either in the collection basket, at the Rectory, or give them to any member of the Holy Name Society by December 15th. They will be distributed to the families before Christmas.



Beginning in January, the Holy Name Society meetings will be on the Last THURSDAY of the month at 7:00pm in Hope House. Congra-tulations to Mary Ann Pecek, winner of the November split raffle drawing. There will be no December meeting. The next drawing will be Friday, December 27th so be sure to purchase your tickets before then. We are always looking for new members. Contact Father Bacevice or any member of the Society if you would like to join.




       Traditional Christmas Wafers are available at the main entrance to the Church at Mass times, in the lower hall after the 11:00 Mass and at the Rectory during the week. We encourage everyone in the Parish to participate in this ancient Eastern European tradition. Please use the special envelopes provided and the suggested donation for each wafer is $1.
       Our 2020 Church Calendars are now available. We thank our friends and fellow parishioners at the Jakubs Funeral Home for providing them this year. They are on the tables in the main lobby of the Church building.



The Altar Society decorates the church each Christmas season and buys live flowers. Your envelope packet has an envelope marked “Christmas Flowers and Decorations.” Please help by making a donation, and mark your calendars for December 22 at 12:00 to join us in decorating the church.



Our Pastoral Council is proud to announce their first-ever Trivia Night to benefit our parish. It will take place on Saturday, January 18, 2020, beginning at 7:00 pm at the Lithuanian Club. Tickets are $20 and include dinner. There will be a cash bar. In addition to the Trivia Night games, there will be a 50-50 Raffle, and a Basket Raffle. For more information, contact Loretta Gudenas at 216-650-8261 or at Tickets will be available at the Rectory.



With our new Mass schedule taking effect in three weeks, we will keep Sunday Coffee after the 11:00am Mass. This practice of having coffee after Mass is to provide an opportunity for those who participate at Mass to socialize after Mass before continuing with their day. Policies currently in effect regarding the hall use will remain. All organization meetings must be cleared through the parish office before they can be announced and held in the lower hall. The cafeteria must be cleaned by the hosts for coffee, all trash must be removed and taken to the dumpster, and all food must be removed and the kitchen left clean.


THIS WEEKEND -   December 7 - 8

NEXT WEEKEND - December 14 - 15

Sat. 5:00pm Sun. 8:30am Sat. 5:00pm Sun. 8:30am


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