Saint Casimir Parish  


January 25 -26, 2020


      In December we finished our Respecting our Past, Serving in the Present, and Growing our Future Offertory enhancement program. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. 47% of you responded with your commitment to support the work of the parish financially, and increased your support $16,324.25 over last year. At the same time we began accepting donations online and by credit card Since this started last October, more than $6,000 was given online. 
     We have many challenges ahead of us fixing our buildings and property, and we have many opportunities ahead of us to do a better job of proclaiming the Good News and living the Gospel. The Finance Council is working with me to meet the challenges regarding our buildings and property, and the Parish Council is working with me to identify opportunities of  how to do a better job proclaiming the Good News and living the Gospel.
     The only way we can make these things can happen is if we work together to come up with a unified vision of our Parish, set realistic goals for ourselves, and honestly work together to attain those goals.
     I believe that we can do this and the time is right for us to begin. Let’s make 2020 our best year yet.

God Bless! Fr. Joe Bacevice


We ask you to remember in your prayers the soul of Gerald Vihtelic who died last week and was buried from our parish. May he have Eternal Rest in the peace of God’s Kingdom


We will be accepting donations for Latin American Missions and El Salvador next weekend. This is the only appeal made by the Diocesan Mission Office for the Cleveland Latin American Mission in El Salvador. It is the main support for two diocesan priests who work in the two parishes served by our Mission Office. This appeal also makes a contribution to the Collection for the Church in Latin America that is managed by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and benefits projects and the formation of seminarians, religious and lay leaders in 23 countries across Latin America. Please be generous.


Monday, February 3rd, is the Feast of St. Blaise, the day we traditionally bless throats. In honor of St. Blaise, we will bless throats after all the Masses next weekend.


Thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever Trivia Night last Saturday. Special thanks goes to Loretta Gudenas who coordinated the entire event. After expenses, the parish received $1,525.00.


The Gospel tells us that Jesus “withdrew” when John the Baptist was arrested. It is important to know when to withdraw. Many disputes at home are about petty things. We may win an argument but damage the relationship. Knowing when to withdraw from conflict is the Spirit’s gift of wisdom and the reward is peace.

Though we are many, we are one in Christ.

     Many parishioners received letters earlier this month inviting their support of the Annual Appeal. Please pray for the good work of Catholic Charities and make a pledge today. Your donation makes a difference!

     Your support of the 2020 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal will help us serve those individuals who are most in need and most vulnerable. From Matthew’s Gospel: “Whatever you did for the least of these, you did it for me.” When we feed the hungry, take care of the sick and welcome the stranger, we are also serving Jesus himself.

     We appreciate your donation and will take care to use it wisely in providing essential programs and service to people in need throughout all eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland. We invite you to view stories of inspiration and more information at  To make a donation today, text CCHOPE to 41444 or visit


Euclid Hospital is in need of commissioned Eucharistic Minister to distribute Holy Communion to their Catholic patients seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Last year, over 6,600 patients were visited by Eucharist minister with Holy Communion. If interested, contact Lorraine Smith, Supervisor, Volunteer Department at 216-692-7564.


THIS WEEKEND -   January 25 - 26

NEXT WEEKEND - February 1 - 2

Sat. 5:00pm Sun. 8:30am Sat. 5:00pm Sun. 8:30am


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