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 Saint Casimir Parish


First Friday of each month
8AM - 9AM
Eucharistic Adoration

Second Wednesday of each month - 6PM - 9PM
Eucharistic Adoration
Postponed until May

Mass offerings for April 18 through 26, 2023

Saturday – April 18 5:00pm (English) Laima Jucaitienė - Jucaitis family
Sunday — April 19 8:30am
For the Parishioners  
Victor Degutis - Senior Scouts Židinys
Monday    April 20 7:30am
Marcia Greiner (1ST Anniv) - Mary O’Neill
Tuesday —  April 21 7:30am (English) Elena Zablockas (5TH Anniv) - Loreen Palangio
Wednesday — April 22 7:30am
(English) Danica Sverko - Katica Buzdon
Thursday —  April 23 7:00pm (bilingual) Regina Puidokaitė - I & R Bublys
Friday —  April 24 3:00pm (English) Antanas Jonaitis - family
Saturday —  April 25 5:00pm (English) Nellie Babcheck - Joseph Prankas, Jr
Sunday — April 26
(English) (Lithuanian) For the Parishioners  
Alvydas Zamulskis and family  - Asta & Aušrinė Zamulskiai



Ash Wednesday, February 21 Masses at 7:30 am and 7:00pm
Monday, February 27 7:00pm Cluster Mass at St. Jerome
Monday, March 6 7:00pm   Cluster Mass at St. Mary Parish
Wednesday, March 8
5:00-8:00pm  Individual Confessions
in all Catholic Churches of the diocese
Monday, March 13 7:00pm  Cluster Mass at St. Casimir Parish
Monday, March 20 7:00pm  Cluster Mass at Holy Redeamer Parish
Monday, March 27
7:00pm   Cluster
Penance Service at Holy Redeamer parish

Lenten Dietary Regulations

     Ash Wednesday (March 1) and Good Friday (April 14) are days of Fast and Abstinence. Fasting means having only one full meal on those days with two smaller meals allowed. Eating between meals is not permitted. This law is binding on all Catholics from their 18th birthday to their 59th birthday.

     Ash Wednesday (March 1), Good Friday (April 14), and all the Fridays of Lent are days of Abstinence from eating meat. Meat is defined as the flesh, organs, and blood products from warm-blooded animals. This law is binding on all Catholics from their 14th birthday.

     Individual dispensations from these regulations can be given by the Pastor. Group dispensations must be obtained from the Chancellor of the Diocese.



       Sat.- Sun., April 1 - 2

Masses:    Saturday  5:00pm (Engl.)

                   Sunday  8:30am (Engl.), 11:00am (Lith.)

MONDAY,  April 3 Masses at 7:30 am
Confessions from 5:00 to 6:00 pm
TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, April  4, 5 Masses at 7:30 am
Confessions after Mass
HOLY THURSDAY – April 6   
- Mass of the Lord’s Supper (bilingual)
GOOD FRIDAY -  April 7     
- Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion (bilingual)
HOLY SATURDAY – April 8 sss
12:00pm - Blessing of Food 
- Solemn Easter Vigil (Engl.)
EASTER SUNDAY – April 9   8:30am  -  Mass -  (Engl.)                         
11:00pm  -  Easter Sunday Mass   (Lith.)