Saint Casimir Parish  

June 25 - 26, 2022

   Summer is the time of year that many are involved in outdoor activities and travel.  We wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer, but we remind everyone to participate at Mass each weekend, even when traveling.  We also remind everyone of their obligation to support our parish.  As we continue to be challenged financially, we need everyone’s support.  So on the weekends you are not here for any reason, I ask you to make up for your missed offerings.  This might be a good time to consider making your weekly donations online. 
       So far the weather this summer has been one of extremes.  We have gone from low temperatures in the mid-40's to high temperatures in the mid-90's in a matter of a few days.  Our church building can become very hot during the summer months as there is no air conditioning and the windows do not open.  I ask everyone, especially our older members and those with chronic illnesses to use common sense when coming to church.  Wear light, loose fitting clothing, be sure to stay hydrated with sufficient water, and if it feels too hot or humid, stay home or in an air conditioned place.  God does not expect the impossible from any of us. So use good judgment when making a decision whether or not you will come here to Mass on a given Sunday.
Blessings! Fr. Joe Bacevice


meldžiamesWe ask you to remember in your prayers the soul of Stasė Pikturna. May she have eternal rest in the peace of God’s Kingdom.


     Last weekend we welcomed Fr. Lazarus Langbir, CSSp, who made and an appeal for support of his Order’s missionary work.  For those who would still like to make a donation to this work, please put your donation in an envelope marked “Mission Appeal.”  For those who wish to make a donation online, go to our “donate” button on our website, scroll to “Mission co-op” to make your donation.  We thank you for your generosity in supporting our Missions.


     Today we hear about loving our neighbor as ourselves.  That seems virtually impossible in such times of war in our world and gun violence in our country; but we are reminded in the second reading that we are strengthened by the Spirit, that we should also think about the Spirit helping us and that seems like Praying for strength would be a great decision.  As we head into listening to the Gospel of the day from St Luke, Chapter 9, we are challenged as Jesus rebukes (admonishes or disciplines) the disciples about their earthly attachments.  We often struggle with not wanting to "get rid of" material "things" we cling to the "stuff" we collect and gather rather than taking a moment that when HE is asking us to love our neighbor, he wants us to share with others or really walk in another's shoes.  He then seems to be reminding us that our earthly dwelling place isn't the end and that we shouldn't look back.


     This weekend we are accepting offerings for “Peter’s Pence”, a worldwide collection that supports the activities of the Holy See through which Pope Francis governs the Church and exercises his charitable works.  When used for charitable outreach, funds collected for Peter’s Pence helps those most in need.  Take this opportunity to join with Pope Francis and be a sign of mercy.  Please be generous.  For more information visit:


        The Lithuanian Dance Festival will be held over the July 4TH Holiday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Cleveland Svyturys will be participating this year and have chartered two buses to and from this event.  One bus is for the dancers and the other is for family and friends and those who wish to go to the dance festival.  Buses will leave on Thursday, June 30TH, at 8:00am from 13315 Brookpark Rd, Brookpark, Ohio and return on Monday, July 4TH.  Free parking will be provided at the Brookpark site.  Cost for the round trip is $50/person.  Checks payable to “Svyurys” should be mailed to: “Svyturys”, c/o Beata Čiurlionis, 9793 Mayfield Rd, Chesterland, OH, 44026.  Reservations will be guaranteed only when payment is received.  For more information, contact Beata Čiurlionis at


 The Holy Name Society is pleased to announce that the Annual Picnic for Parishioners will take place on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, from 5-8 pm at the East Shore Park Club, at the corner of East Park and Dorchester Dr., on the shores of Lake Erie.  Hot dogs, burgers, snacks and soft drinks will be served.   There is no cost for the picnic as the Holy Name Society underwrites the entire cost.  This is a good way to meet fellow parishioners and learn about the Holy Name Society.


     We thank all who made purchases and worked to make our spring plant sale a success.  After all expenses, the profit to our parish was $2,053.70.  Special thanks to the Holy Name Society for donating the flowers planted by the rectory and for covering the cost of the delivery of the flowers.


     Monday of next week, July 4TH, is Independence Day.  As we prepare to celebrate this holiday, we are reminded that our most precious gift as citizens is our freedom, and we need to remember that this freedom has come at a tremendous price.  All of us need to take time during this holiday to thank God for the gift of our freedom and pray for those who lost their lives that we can live in freedom.  We are also reminded that we need to continue to be vigilant to protect our freedom.  Technology exists to monitor just about every aspect of our lives and political expediency threatens our religious freedom. If we ignore these signs in our society, we will see our freedom eroded and possibly lost.  Let us pray and use our influence to assure that the freedoms we have will never be compromised. In honor of the holiday, our office will be closed on both Monday and Tuesday, July 4 and 5.
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