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February 2 - 3, 2018 m.


     The 2019 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal is underway with the in-pew commitment process taking place this weekend. This is not a special collection; rather, the Catholic Charities Annual Appeal represents the chance for all Catholics to make a significant pledge, payable in installments, to Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland in order to support its mission of a society that stands united in its support of the “least among us.”

     Many parishioners have received a letter from Bishop Perez requesting their support. If you have not received this letter, please respond to the in-pew commitment process today! If you have received the mailing, please respond to it and also mark the box on the in-pew envelope to indicate that you have responded by mail.

     This year’s theme is WALK IN FAITH. GIVE IN JOY. Your support of the 2019 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal help us to carry out the mission that Jesus entrusted to us: “I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” Please pray for the success of the Appeal, which provides essential programs and services throughout all eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland.

     On behalf of the poor and needy of Northeast Ohio, thank you! I invite you to view the stories of inspiration and more information at    


                      God Bless! Fr. Joe Bacevice



We ask you to remember in your prayers the soul of Frank Bambic, Jr.  who died last week and was buried from our parish. May he have Eternal Rest in the peace of God’s Kingdom.


Because of the inclement weather the past few Sundays, we are still accepting donations for both Catholic University and Latin American/El Salvador Missions this weekend.  If you have not already donated, please be generous.


Saturday is the Feast of St. Blaise, the day we traditionally bless throats.  In honor of this feast, throats will be blessed after all the weekend Masses.

IN THEIR 20's & 30's

Do you desire to deepen your relationship with Christ? Do you need time for quiet prayer and spiritual guidance in the presence of a young adult community? The Choosing Christ Retreat may be what you are looking for. This young adult gathering is being offered from Friday, March 8th, 7:00pm until Sunday, March 10th, at 2:00pm. It will be held at Bethany Retreat Center in Chardon, Ohio. The cost is only $55.   For questions, contact Sr. Kate Hine, SND: or visit and register at:


Jesus encounters resistance from his indignant neighbors in today’s gospel as he begins his ministry. Sometimes, families can resist members who are seeking to follow a new direction from God. Families that practice flexibility and openness are helpful to those seeking God’s calling in their lives.


We are getting to the worst part of the annual influenza (flu) season, with many people succumbing to the virus. The flu virus is an irritation for many, but for our elderly, it can be dangerous. During this winter season, if you are feeling ill, please do not drink the Precious Blood from the chalice at communion time. The chalices are thoroughly cleaned after each Mass and our communion ministers are instructed to use hand sanitizer both before and after distributing communion. We urge everyone to take the proper steps to stay healthy and keep others healthy during this winter season.


At this time last year, our parish finished the Rooted in Faith Campaign. Our parish received over a period of five years a total of $59,894.00, which represents 30% of the funds donated by parishioners. Over the past year, an additional $4,500.00 pledged by our parishioners was collected, so last week we received an additional $1,350.00, representing our 30%, bringing the total amount we have received to $61,244.00. These funds were used for repairs and improvements to our buildings and property. We thank all who donated for their generosity.



Because of the very cold weather last Wednesday, the Holy Name meeting was cancelled and rescheduled for this week, Wednesday, February 6, at 7:00pm in Hope House. All members are asked to make an effort to attend. The monthly split raffle drawing will take place at this meeting. Anyone interested in joining the Holy Name Society is invited to attend this meeting.



The 100th Anniversary year of Lithuanian Independence will conclude the weekend of February 15-16-17.
On Friday, February 15th, beginning at 7:00pm at the Lithuanian Club Ballroom there will be a concert followed by refreshments and music for dancing. Tickets are $25, under 18 will be admitted for free. For ticket reservations, contact Zita Mascinksas (216-
355-0829), Virginija Motiejunas (216-289-0608), or by email: 
On Saturday, February 16th, at 2:00pm at the first president of Lithuania, Antanas Smetona’s crypt in the Crucifixion Mausoleum at All Souls Cemetery there will be commemoration ceremony. All are invited.
On Sunday, February 17th, we will remember Lithuanian Independence at the 10:00 Mass. There will be participation by the students of our Lithuanian Saturday School. We invite everyone to participate at the Mass.


THIS WEEKEND -  JANUARY 26 - 27, 2018


Sat. 5:30pm Sun. 8:00am Sun. 12:00pm Sat. 5:30pm Sun. 8:00am Sun. 12:00pm


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