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April 21 - 22, 2018


Next weekend we will accept offerings for the Catholic Home Mission Appeal. Right now, over 40% of dioceses in the United States are considered home mission territory because they are unable to fund the essential pastoral work needed in their communities. Your support funds programs such as religious education, seminary formation, and lay ministry training, to build vibrant faith communities right here in the United States. Please be generous.


On Sunday, April 22nd, from 1-5pm the Catholic War Veterans Post 613 will have an open house in their Club Room in the basement of the Lithuanian Village (877 E. 185th St.) There will be food, refreshments, shuffleboard and other activities for the whole family. All are welcome – family, friends and possible new members.


Because of your support, Catholic Charities is able to address the most pressing social issues facing our diocese - poverty, homelessness, addiction, loneliness, care of the elderly and the disabled. As of March 31, a total of 35,544 donors have pledged $9,315,960 toward a goal of $12.5M. Here at St. Casimir’s we have pledged $10,851 toward our goal of $13,843. That is 78.39% of our overall goal. Your financial support will make a lasting difference in transforming the lives of others, bringing help and hope to the poor and forgotten. Thank you on behalf of those served by Catholic Charities. If you have not yet donated, please consider a generous gift to the Catholic Charities Annual Appeal. Contact Karen Joyce at 216-696-6525 ext. 1910 to make a gift by phone or make a secure gift at


Have you returned your Holy Week survey? Two weeks ago we included a brief survey seeking feedback about our Holy Week services. Please return them by Sunday, April 22nd. Your participation in this survey will help us plan next year’s Holy Week services.

     The Fourth Sunday of Easter each year is known as Good Shepherd Sunday and is the day of prayer for vocations. The oldest image of Jesus found in the early Church is the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd carrying home on his shoulders a lost sheep. I once saw a wood carving of the Good Shepherd with Jesus having a smile on his face. The joy of the Good Shepherd was obvious. 

     Jesus speaks of Himself as the Shepherd and he makes the distinction between the Shepherd and the hired hand  The Shepherd will lay down his life for his sheep, while the hired hand will flee danger.

     Jesus uses this same image when he commissions St. Peter to lead the Church. From the very beginning of Christianity, the image of the Shepherd is used both for our Savior and for the clergy. These images are evident today.  We call the Pope the Shepherd of the Universal Church, our Diocesan Bishops are called shepherds and the symbols of their office include the shepherd’s crosier. Leaders of parishes are called “pastors” which call to mind the ancient symbol of the shepherd.

     So it is appropriate to take this day and pray for vocations to the clergy, both the religious and secular.  Religious clergy are the bishops and priests who are members of religious orders (Pope Francis is a Jesuit, Bishop Roger Gries is a Benedictine) while others like Bishop Pérez and I are members of the secular clergy. The Lord has called each Bishop, Priest and Deacon in a specific way to serve the Church. Members of both the clergy and the faithful are called to support our clergy through prayer and to pray that more will receive and answer the call to serve as members of the clergy.

     All of us need to continue to pray for an increase in vocations and to support our priests, bishops and deacons in their vocations, and encourage our seminarians to continue their journey following their call of ordained ministry.


                                                                    God Bless ! Fr. Joe Bacevice


We ask you to remember in your prayers the soul of Joseph Obranovich who died last week and was buried from our parish. May he have eternal rest in the peace of God’s kingdom.


21 - 22, 2018

NEXT WEEKEND - APRIL 28 - 29, 2018

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